Kamala Harris has gone 18 days with No news conference since being Exploited for Boundary Catastrophe role

Kamala Harris has gone 18 days with No news conference since being Exploited for Boundary Catastrophe role

More media outlets Seem to Be taking note of the president's silence about her border-related responsibilities

Vice President Kamala Harris' comparative silence concerning the subjects of immigration and border safety -- because carrying within an oversight role on these topics -- continued to draw media scrutiny Saturday.

This was the 18th day which Harris went with holding a news conference about her responsibilities on the topics, since getting the mission out of President Biden.

It recapped the president's recent travels to Connecticut, California and Illinois on issues unrelated to this migrant position across the southern boundary.

Exactly the identical narrative quoted White House press secretary Jen Psaki, responding Wednesday to queries about when Harris will be seeing the boundary area.

"I am convinced it's going to be shortly," Psaki stated, in accordance with the Examiner.

The NBC story contended that the White House helped produce confusion by not understanding what Harris' particular duties are seeing the migrant catastrophe.

"The Northern Triangle, which I am certain you are aware of, isn't the same as the boundary," Psaki stated Wednesday, based on NBC.

The identical article then said the unnamed White House aides were asserting Harris was concentrated on exploring migration issues and holding discussions with Latin American officials at behind-the-scenes work, instead of addressing the matter publicly.

Another unnamed official quoted from the NBC story insisted the subject of immigration stayed"a priority for her."

Meanwhile, the Biden government announced Friday the Roberta Jacobson, a former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, could be stepping down since Biden's southern boundary coordinator in the close of the month.

Following the Jacobson passing plans were revealed, NBC maintained an unnamed"senior government official" told the community the Biden government's answer to boundary issues could be directed by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas -- who left his third trip to the border area a week -- and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

The report included that national security advisor Jake Sullivan claimed Harris' role is in pursuing a broader-based"whole-of-government strategy" to immigration problems, a description which NBC claimed contradicted the wider scope for Harris that other officials were describing.

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