"Only because of the money": Anouschka Renzi ponders the jungle camp

Your trip to the jungle camp was a few months ago.

"Only because of the money": Anouschka Renzi ponders the jungle camp

Your trip to the jungle camp was a few months ago. Nevertheless, Anouschka Renzi is now working on her time on the RTL show again. Only the fee made her take part, she explains, in order to be open to other reality TV formats at the same time.

According to her own words, actress Anouschka Renzi only took part in the RTL jungle camp because of the money. "There is nothing worse for me than not having any money, and you earn a lot of money in the jungle," said Renzi. She had previously been offered participation 13 times. But she always refused. "I'm A-class for these kinds of formats." The fee offered has increased from year to year. "Then I did it, solely for the money."

Renzi will be seen alongside "Tatort" star Richy Müller in four roles in the opening piece "Notre Dame" at the Bad Hersfeld Festival this year, including the noblewoman Aloise de Gondelaurier. Reality TV format in front of an audience of millions, top-class acting and tabloid theatre, "Playboy" and TV series - for Renzi it all fits together. "This job consists of everything," says the 57-year-old. "All my life I've been a contrast, nobody can really judge me." For example, she could also imagine taking part in the RTL live dance show "Let's Dance" or in "The Masked Singer" by ProSieben.

Renzi attributes the fact that she was selected for the jungle camp to her nature: "They know exactly that when I'm in there, there are guaranteed conflicts, problems, because I am who I am. I say what I think." And: "I'm also someone who doesn't suffer quietly, unfortunately."

In the near future she will be engaged for four productions, says the actress - but that was not foreseeable when she accepted the jungle camp, especially since there were only cancellations during the corona pandemic. "Apart from the Corona aid, I had no money. And with the Corona aid - that's not enough for me. I finance myself, my daughter, so two apartments, two health insurance companies."

Before she traveled to South Africa, she prepared herself at home, Renzi reports: "I put two raw eggs in a cup and said, I'll swallow them now. I tried - came get out immediately." In the camp in front of cameras and the big team, she did it and passed a total of five exams - also because she was hungry and there is a chance of extra food if the exams are passed.

She herself did not watch the TV broadcasts, says Renzi. But now she doesn't care about the topic. "Once the reputation is ruined, life is completely unabashed."


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