The Ocean Cleanup : Garbage collection Project launched in the Pacific

In the Pacific, a plastic vortex of four-size Germany is drifting. An organisation wants to act against it with a new system. Last tests have started.

  The Ocean Cleanup  : Garbage collection Project launched in the Pacific

In Bay of San Francisco today, a new type of garbage collection system has been deposited. The 600 meter long system control in Pacific to largest waste carpet on Earth, initiating organization shared with " Ocean Cleanup". In future, plastic waste will be gared and collected re.

According to organization, system consists of a floating wall that merges plastic parts at a depth of up to three metres. This is how waste is collected and transported by ships. The animals living in sea could swim under wall, shared organization. The system's location is in Pacific garbage rug between California and Hawaii. This is more than four times size of Germany.

The team around 24-year-old Dutch Boyan Slat wants to undergo furr testing of construction, at first just 500 kilometers off Californian coast, before final project starts. Slat was able to attract investors as well as numerous universities and companies for its millions of projects. The headquarters are in Delft, in Nerlands, before North Sea coast first prototypes were tested. If tests in US coast were also to be positive, 60 such installations could be installed in Pacific.

Date Of Update: 09 September 2018, 12:00

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