Apple keynote: Apple presents most expensive iphone ever

Longer run times, larger displays, better cameras: Apple has introduced three new iphones, the most expensive for 1,649 euros. There is also an Apple Watch with an ECG sensor.

Apple keynote: Apple presents most expensive iphone ever

The US technology group Apple has introduced three new smartphones. The iphone XS model has same design as previous Model X, is 5.8 inches in size and dispenses with previously characteristic home button for iphones. The larger XS Max is, according to marketing vice President Phil Schiller, with 6.5 inches of " biggest iphone ever" – and most expensive. It will be available from 1,249 Euro, for 512 gigabytes of storage buyers and buyers must pay 1,649 euros. The iphone xs is available as already iphone x from 1,149 euro. As expected, re will also be a cheaper new iphone, iphone XR. It will be sold from 849, 00 euro. The market launch in Germany is scheduled for September 21st.

A better image processing processor and new sensors for front and rear camera should increase camera quality of all three new models, and aperture number can now be changed afterwards, it was said. The resolution remains similar to previous models. The iphone xs and XS Max also have an OLED display on which movies can be played in HDR resolution. The memory locations are extended to up to 512 gigabytes.

The battery of iphone XS should last 30 minutes longer than that of iphone x, battery of XS Max even 1.5 hours longer. In addition, Apple introduces ability to use two phone numbers at same time.

New Apple Watches with ECG sensor

Before iphones, Apple manager Jeff Williams introduced next generation of Apple Watches, i.e. smart wrist watches. These could also be used as ECG measuring instruments in future. To create a electrocardiogram, users would have to hold ir fingers to crown on side of case for half a minute, Williams explained. The function was approved by US health Authority FDA, which is responsible for approval of medical devices. First, however, ECG version would only be delivered in USA. Apple is first provider to install such a sensor in a computer clock. The display of new version is also slightly larger and thinner. Apple Watch has been leading Smartwatch market since launch 2015.

The expectation of new, more expensive iphones has significantly increased Apple's market value over past few months. Apple was first private company in world to be rated at stock exchange with more than a trillion dollars in early August. As a result, Apple has such a large market value as 15 largest DAX companies. Business success is mainly attributable to stable sales figures of iphones, which bring more than half of proceeds. Sales are stagnating, and Apple is only third-largest smartphone manufacturer in world after Samsung and Huawei; For this, iphones are comparatively expensive. Apple also generates revenue from app sales, music service Apple Music, and cloud business. In future, group will also focus more on video content and bring payment service Apple Pay to Germany by end of year.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2018, 12:00

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