Benefits of Having an Immigration Lawyer Representing You

Navigating Immigration law in the UK is such a huge challenge.

Benefits of Having an Immigration Lawyer Representing You

Navigating Immigration law in the UK is such a huge challenge. Even if you can find information online or through other resources, going through the process alone can be a tall order as you have to go through the extensive paperwork. You also need to present complete documents before being granted the visa you applied for and the Immigration Rules are very prescriptive as to what is needed. In most cases, it is best to have a specialist immigration lawyer helping you to avoid the hassle. 

You will avoid mistakes 

When applying for a visa, the slightest mistake could lead to rejection and possible loss of appeal rights or loss of a right to work and a break in your lawful residence. Therefore, you need a good immigration lawyer to tell you what to do and help you get through the process with ease. You need to submit different documents depending on the type of visa you want to receive. Even if you feel like you already know what to do, and you already have the necessary documents, a good lawyer can give you that added peace of mind and increase the chances of a grant of leave to remain. 

Our lawyers have years of experience 

They know immigration law by heart and are familiar with all the administrative and litigation processes surrounding this area of law. They also fully understand recent changes and, through their legal training, are able to interpret legislation and other provisions to assist in the preparation of your case. Over the years, they have seen applicants succeed and fail. Therefore, they have a clear idea about what could sink an application. They can help you avoid fatal flaws which commonly lead to refusals. 

You don’t gamble with your future 

Your visa application is for your future and the rest of your family if you have dependants. Don't take a gamble by not having a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer by your side. You need someone who will ensure that your application has the optimum chances of success. 

You will understand the options 

Before you start your visa application, your immigration lawyer will speak with you about the merits of your case. If the chances of success are slim, your lawyer will present you with other options as appropriate. Again, there are different types of visas, and your circumstances might be suitable for a different kind of visa than what you are trying to apply for. 

You might have a path to citizenship 

It is not easy getting a path to citizenship in the UK. Home Office policy guidance now means that, even if you obtain permanent residence or ILR, the Home Office will look for any breaches of immigration law over a 10-year period and can refuse any application for naturalisation as a British citizen on that basis. A qualified Immigration Lawyer will not just prepare your current case but will have the foresight to look and plan ahead. 

Given these reasons, it is best for you to find the right immigration lawyer to help you. Check out for more information and get started now.

Date Of Update: 07 November 2018, 06:10

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