Emotions: The dictatorship of gut instinct

Whether compassion for howling goalkeepers, stirring over marrying nobles or anger over pöbelnde rights: who feels is right. This is how we create responsibility.

Emotions: The dictatorship of gut instinct
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    The new mamatics teacher writes his name to Andie Blackboard. His name is Peter Baukloh and he carries his tank top from Alpakawolleversehentlich wrong. For our problems, he says, he will always have an open ear. We paint a toilet door under his signature undschmeißen us away.

    In early 1980s, social democratic education reform had given city of Cologne a comprehensive school in problem district of Köln-Chor Weiler. The older part of faculty had left former gymnasium Nahezuvollständig and we students were in smoking corner with Mr. Baukloh Undseinesgleichen and discussed our school grades. Most of all oral. They were 50 percent of overall score, so y were very important in case of a risk of discontinuation. We quickly found a way to get "Peter" to raise se notes in our favor: Wirmachten from human failure an emotional dilemma. The fear of saying etwasFalsches and being laughed at by ors. Even StreitendeEltern let us be silent. Or, most effective argument: "Peter, I have feeling that you have something against me, I have given myself unheimlichMühe."

    Our late pubertäres instrumentalization of SozPäd-Gekuschelsfrüher years should turn out alszukunftsweisend. In schoolyard of Cologne-Chor Weiler, we anticipated Eineheute as an alternately accepted emotional warfare: The Gefühlals collectively used homicide argument.

    Who is healthy, shows feelings

    "I have such a feeling," says young Polizistinzu to her colleague in company car. "Then write a poem," returns . What is a casual oneliner in ZDF series MünchenMord, Wäreim True Life is a case for existing or installierendeHarassment agents. Gefühleverletzen does not, females are not. Mandas can only be on television if findings of such dysfunctional VerhaltendenFigur Asperger syndrome are. That defect, refore, from which one does not rechtweiß, wher it exists and, if so, how many people suffer from it. Estimates Pendelnzwischen 0.15 and 0.25 of all people aged four years and over. The autism variant Istdramaturgisch attractive. She blocks feelings, but fuels high talent. Since Sofia Helin, as an emotionless commissioner, has led Scandinavian series DieBrücke to success, we are also constantly investigating furr Kollegenmit rigid gaze and joyful brilliance in this country.

    Thus, domination and high intelligence refer to a rare disease. Who is healthy, has feelings, shows feelings and BekommtGefühle back. That's all that matters.

    Yokels Cute Love Strateginnen

    On television always where emotions are called "emotional moments". And since triumph of private television stations with beginning of 1990s in formats such as forgive me or just love counts were poured. The casting shows were also conceived as tearjerker as docu-Fictionüber filmed four-legged-animal-or "personal" talk formats, which since Nullerjahrendie programs with snot and water floods.

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    Women write. In this column in evening, at 10 after 8, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, political, poetic, polemical.

    We, editors of 10 after 8, are a versatile and convertible author collective. We find that our society needs more female voices in public. We think se voices should be divers. We do not represent ideology and do not agree. But we think feminism is important because justice in society concerns us all. We would like to exchange ideas with our readers. And with our guest authors.

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    Also in cinema, realization was realized that it is women who decide to wasgeguckt – keyword date movies. Pariertendie Films of 1980s of this decade of world military post-undWettrüstens still with technoidly pimped action heroes, decade ended with blockbuster Harry and Sally. Sally's Legendärergespielter orgasm sent shockwaves into an industry that henceforth cute Stoischleidenden heroines of melodrama through Yokels-Liebesstrateginnenersetzte. rom-com-heroines WieGoldie Hawn and Meg Ryan had a job and wanted a man and betriebenbeides with same professionalism. Their rear-viewers today, Ehersiegesgewiss as dreamy, from mostly at traffic hubs platziertenCity-light posters and tell us that y parshippen.

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