Game workers unite: Game developers of all countries, unite!

Less Crunchtime, more Lunchtime: the trade union game workers Unite wants to tackle bad working conditions in the gaming industry – even in Germany.

Game workers unite: Game developers of all countries, unite!
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    Earning DenLebensunterhalt with video games sounds like a dream job. But dasArbeiten in toy factory is often anything but dreamlike. Zuletzthäuften reports on poor working conditions in DerGamesbranche. In course of MeToo debate, allegations of sexual Belästigunggegenüber to uncharted EntwicklerNaughty Dogöffentlich. The Parisian studio Quantic Dream responded to reports of Dietoxische work environment with a lawsuit against newspaper Le Monde. More and more, studios employ temporary contractors who work to significantly schlechterenKonditionen as permanent employees.

    One of biggest problems is abernach as before crunch. The word describes partly over months of ongoing phases of revision. After a study by InternationalenLobby Association IGDAhat half of all employees in gaming industry mselves Erfahrungendamit made. Especially when deadlines move closer, work weeks of 50oder 60 hours are often not uncommon.

    MassenhafteÜberstunden were refore long as a normal part of Spieleentwicklunghingenommen. Now, however, resistance is stirring: at game developer conference in San Francisco in March – one of most important events in industry – topic finally broke to surface and was discussed openly. It warauch first appearance of GameWorkers Unite (GWU), whose members made a mood for Einegewerkschaftliche organization with Flyers. A confrontational "beat all bosses" was read on it, but also "stay alive".

    Developer's battle Announcement

    "Grundsätzlichsollte so-called Crunchtime represent a case", says Felix Falk, managing director of game, Association of German games industry, talking with time online. "A permanent overloading of Mitarbeiterbei of game development is contrary to interest of company. SchlechteArbeitsbedingungen lead to a lasting dissatisfaction at DenMitarbeitern and eventually to a higher turnover. "

    "Car" has or experiences. He has been working in DerSpieleindustrie for ten years. "I've been expecting in a number of European countries gearbeitetund in each crunch. Even in Germany, a country that is stolzauf its high standards in protection of workers. In my first two years here I worked on an average of twelve hours a day, "explains developers who appear online under a pseudonym.

    Gemeinsammit co-workers recently founded German offshoot of GWU. "Focus is now on founding local groups. Like most or GWU, Germany has come out of spotlight for discussion at GDC. " Also on site of Berlin Games-Festival a maze in April were Dieschwarz-white sticker of group to be found. Pictured on m is a fist stretched in dieLuft, in it a game controller. It is a battle announcement – from developers and developers to ir employers.

    Challenge for Indie Studios

    Especially smaller and independent studios, developers of so-called indie games, face a problem: swimming against tide is one thing, finanziellenZwänge or. "Indie teams often have problem that y have kaumfinanzielle protection if y cannot Megaerfolgvorweisen commercially," says Milan Pingel, who recently founded indie studio massive Miniteam. His view of work has changed through DenWechsel from employee's existence into independence: "Now mem we have been an employer for first time for two months and have to deal with questionable working conditions from position that it pretends. Auchals Indie developers, we are part of this industry and bear responsibility. "

    WiePingel is a lot of developers. According to game surveys, approximately 14,000 people in Germany are employed in restoration of video games. The fact that y are changing between small undgroßen companies is not a rarity. More than half of all German games companies have fewer than ten employees after last study on computer UndVideospielindustrie. The work in small Teamsschweißt toger, but also carries risk of self-exploitation. DasBewusstsein for poor working conditions must refore first emerge structurally. Game workers Unite wants to sharpen it.

    Date Of Update: 08 June 2018, 12:02

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