How Does A Home Warranty Plan Work in 2019?

A home warranty plan grants you protection against unforeseen expenses that result from damage of any major component in your household

How Does A Home Warranty Plan Work in 2019?

A home warranty plan grants you protection against unforeseen expenses that result from damage of any major component in your household, including air conditioning, furnace, electrical and plumbing system. The plan may also cover appliances like dryers and washers, swimming pools and refrigerators. A home warranty is not the same as home insurance which covers major issues like property crimes, hail, fires, and specific types of water damage.

A home warranty is more of like an umbrella warranty that covers all the appliances in your household. It offers an incredible way for you to protect yourself from financial burdens that may arise from costly repairs and replacement often associated with these appliances. Ideally, the goal of the warranty is to give peace of mind. The last thing that you want after buying a home is to start worrying about things breaking or malfunctioning. Since the plan covers a range of systems and items, it’s a good idea to get your plan from the best home warranty providers. It will save you lots of disappointments and headaches.

Paying for the home warranty

Depending on your local customs, either you or the seller will need to pay for the home warranty. Often, the seller pays for the warranty because it removes the burden from their shoulders – since you won’t be calling them each time something malfunctions or breaks.

So, knowing this, the question now becomes, how does a home warranty plan work in 2019?

While home warranty plans are not created equal, most of them operate in the same way and feature similar verbiage:

Ø  If a home appliance or system fails or malfunctions, you call the home warranty company

Ø  The company contacts a technician with which it has a working relationship. The technician then calls you for an appointment and comes to your home to fix the issue. If the appliance or system in question stops and cannot be fixed, and your contract coverage allows, then the home warranty company will take care of the replacement and installation costs of a new system.

Ø  You will then pay some small trade service fee, which is often less than $100

Note: Plans differ from one company to the next. It is therefore critical to find out what’s being covered and what’s not. Check if the company will pay for fixes to make certain kinds of appliances or systems compliant with new regulations.

Why home warranty plan is essential:

·         Since it covers expenses incurred as a result of repairs and replacements, it saves you money

·         It also saves you the effort of finding a trustworthy and experienced contractor to fix your faulty system

·         Once you inform the home warranty company, they will send a qualified professional to your home

·         Minor issues will be taken care of immediately

·         In case your system malfunctions, the company will place the order and procure new systems for you

·         Based on your plan, your appliance will be replaced with a new one if the professional says that your old system cannot be repaired

·         Takes care of wear and tear damages

·         Offers on-going home protection

Date Of Update: 27 December 2018, 08:06

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