After alleged assault, Selma Blair issued a restraining order to ex-boyfriend

According to a Los Angeles Police Department report, Blair sustained bruises on her neck, chin and bicep following the alleged assault.

After alleged assault, Selma Blair issued a restraining order to ex-boyfriend

After Selma Blair, an actress, claimed that he had attacked her in Los Angeles, she was granted a temporary restraining or against him.

Blair, 49, filed the petition last month against Ronald Carlson (53). She said he was returning a television to her, and became angry when she asked him to return her key.

The petition stated that Blair, , a person with multiple sclerosis had just completed intravenous treatment on February 22. Carlson arrived to help him.

Blair stated that Carlson got angry about the key and she told her she was not feeling well. She needed to lie down.

The petition stated that he called her a "loser", "cripple" and "cripple". It said that he then "lunged" at her and grabbed her neck, before strangling her.

According to the petition, she tried to resist him and called her housekeeper who was upstairs. However, the sound of a vacuum cleaner made it impossible for her to hear. Carlson covered Blair's mouth, limiting her airway and likely causing her unconsciousness for a few seconds.

Carlson also attempted to take Blair's clothes off. Blair was hit on the head by the sofa's partitions during the struggle. According to the petition, Carlson hit Blair several times more on the head.

Blair was then bled to death by Carlson, who told her to go, according to the February 25 petition.

An attached Los Angeles Police Department report stated that Blair had bruises on her neck, chin and bicep. The report stated that Blair was bleeding from her nose and had drifted in and out consciousness after the attack.

According to police, Carlson was taken into custody the day after. According to police, he claimed he didn't hit Blair and that she started the physical altercation by scratching him. He was charged for intimate partner violence with injury. His arraignment is scheduled for June.

Carlson applied for a restraining or against Blair on March 9. He claimed that Blair was the aggressor, the one who started the attack and I was the victim.

He stated in the petition that he had defended himself against Selma's attack but did not intend to strike or cause harm to her.

He claimed he was filing the petition in order to keep Blair from his 12-year old daughter.

"Most concerning to my is that on February 28, 2022 Selma sent my 12-year old daughter, Chloe, an SMS message in which she instructed her for 'destroy'." The petition stated. "I have primary custody over Chloe, and I must protect her from any harassment by Selma."

The hearing for a restraining or is set for March 22nd, when Blair's temporary order against Carlson expires.

Blair representatives declined to comment. Carlson's attorney did not respond to our request for comment.

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