Mathew Rosengart is Britney Spears' new lawyer

Wednesday's court hearing saw Britney Spears represented by Mathew Rosengart, a lawyer she had chosen to represent her during her 13-year conservatorship.

Mathew Rosengart is Britney Spears' new lawyer

Rosengart brings a lot of star power to the Spears conservatorship. Rosengart was recently featured in Variety's 2021 "Legal Impact Report," where he is mentioned that he represents Steven Spielberg, his Amblin Entertainment, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Keanu Reeves, actor Sean Penn, and his non-profit aid group CORE. He also represents Eddie Vedder, the talent and sports agency Creative Artists Agency. Other clients include Shark Tank's DaymondJohn, actor Winona Ryder, and Jimmy Butler, a Miami Heat basketball player. He was also named to The Hollywood Reporter's annual list of "power lawyers", including 2021.

Rosengart was a federal prosecutor before he turned his attention to the entertainment sector. He also worked as an assistant U.S. Attorney at the Justice Department. A New York Times profile recently revealed that Rosengart also worked as a clerk for David Souter in New Hampshire, at the time when the former Supreme Court justice was still a New Hampshire state judge.

Rosengart argued Wednesday that it wasn't appropriate to create a conservatorship over Spears. He also addressed the pop star's dad, Jamie Spears. For the past 13 years, he has held primarily the conservatorship.

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