Lifeline : Rescue ship May, according to Italy, invest in Malta

The 230 refugees aboard the 34; Lifeline 34; may be boarded in Malta according to the Italian government. However, the ship's staff have not yet received a permit.

  Lifeline  : Rescue ship May, according to Italy, invest in Malta

For 230 refugees and ir 17 German rescuers aboard lifeline, days endurance on Mediterranean seems to be coming to an end. According to Italian government, rescue ship of Dresden Aid organisation Mission Lifeline may start a port in Malta. "The lifeline ship will be created in Malta," said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He was on phone with Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat.

The aid organisation itself, however, has not yet confirmed entry to Malta, as a speaker told TIME online. "For days we have to read on Twitter what is happening to us. Hardly any direct message. ", Lifeline shared with Twitter. In evening it was said: "At 6 o'clock in evening we received a message from Malta that we were not given permission to get into ir waters. We cannot refore confirm reports in media. "

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron shared with him in evening that Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat organised European solidarity. His country, as well as or European countries, also wanted to include lifeline migrants. However, number is limited, re are "several dozen" people per country.

In solidarity, too, Italy – country that had repeatedly refused to leave rescue ships with hundreds of migrants on board in last few days. Head of government Conte said his country was going to include "some" of 230 refugees aboard ship. That's what he promised Muscat.

Mediterranean rescue ships may be created in Italy and Malta Italy takes on some of total of almost 350 refugees from two ships. Like Spain and Malta, y had initially refused to do so for several days. © Photo: AP Photo/Salvatore Cavalli

Muscat had already agreed to allow rescue ship to be created – but only if refugees were to be distributed on board to or EU countries. Italy and France are now fulfilling se conditions in Malta with ir breadth of receiving refugees from ship.

Lifeline has been floating in international waters for several days, most recently about 40 kilometers from Malta. Both local authorities and those in Italy refused to allow ship to access ir ports. When exactly ship is allowed to moor in Malta is still open.

Date Of Update: 27 June 2018, 12:02

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