Doug Emhoff, second gentleman, tests positive for Covid

Kamala Harris, Vice President, was negative for HIV on Tuesday according to her office.

Doug Emhoff, second gentleman, tests positive for Covid

WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, the second gentleman Doug Emhoff tested positive to Covid. Kamala Harris had to cancel an evening event due "out of an abundance caution," Kamala Harris said.

Her office confirmed that Harris was negative for HIV on Tuesday.

Sabrina Singh (deputy press secretary to vice president), stated Tuesday that the Second Gentleman had tested positive for COVID-19. "The Vice President will not be participating in tonight's event out of an abundance caution." Today, the Vice President tested negative for COVID-19. He will continue testing."

Harris joined President Joe Biden earlier that day to sign a bill. Emhoff, 57 participated in an event at Marvin Gaye Greening Center, D.C. which hosted a team from AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. The site was visited by Harris, who was joined by Michael D. Smith, AmeriCorps CEO.

Biden revealed Emhoff's Covid diagnosis Tuesday night at an event about women's equal pay. He stated that Emhoff and Harris were fine and added that Emhoff was not present as a precaution.

Biden stated, "Out of an abundance she chose not to join us today. But let's send our love to her."

According to the White House, Biden's most recent test was negative on Sunday.


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