The day of the war at a glance: Kadyrov rises under Putin - New mass grave discovered in eastern Ukraine

Kremlin boss Putin is busy: Not only did he sign decrees that provide for the illegal annexation of four regions in eastern Ukraine.

The day of the war at a glance: Kadyrov rises under Putin - New mass grave discovered in eastern Ukraine

Kremlin boss Putin is busy: Not only did he sign decrees that provide for the illegal annexation of four regions in eastern Ukraine. He also wants to have corrected mistakes in the partial mobilization and he appoints his "bloodhound" Kadyrov as colonel general. On top of that, Russia absorbs the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, Ukrainian media are reporting on a new mass grave in Lyman. The 223rd day of the war at a glance.

Putin signs law annexing Ukrainian territories

By signing the relevant decrees, Vladimir Putin completed the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian regions of Cherson, Zaporizhia, Luhansk and Donetsk. He signed and implemented the laws on the integration of regions into Russian territory passed by the State Duma and the Federation Council. However, Moscow only controls parts of these areas in southern and eastern Ukraine. The Ukraine has recently reported land gains there again and again. Initially, the regions will be headed by officials deployed in Moscow, because the so-called regional parliaments are not to be elected until September next year.

Russia is also absorbing Europe's largest nuclear power plant

And there is something else that Putin wants to know about Russian ownership: By decree, he instructed his government to nationalize the Ukrainian nuclear power plant at Zaporizhia. According to the document, the Russian state-owned company Rossatom will take over the nuclear power plant. Oleg Romanenko, the previous chief engineer at the Russian nuclear power plant in Balakovo, will become the new general director of the nuclear power plant. According to an expert's assessment, the replacement of the workforce will be extremely difficult for Moscow.

Ukraine: New mass grave found in Lyman

Graves of more than 50 civilians have been found in the city of Lyman, recently liberated by Ukrainian troops, according to Ukrainian media. "The Russians dug trenches and forced people they suspected of collaborating with the Ukrainian military to collect the bodies for reburial," Ukrainian Internet TV station Hromadske said. He also presented photos of the tomb. According to the medium, some victims died as a result of the shelling of the city. Lyman was captured in May by troops loyal to Moscow after intense fighting and was recaptured by the Ukrainians in early October after heavy fighting. While some of the dead have their names on them, other graves only have numbers on them.

After explosions in pipelines: Moscow confirms operational readiness of Nord Stream 2

According to information from Moscow, the alleged act of sabotage against the Nord Stream pipelines apparently spared the Nord Stream 2 line, which is preferred by Russia. "As far as Nord Stream 2 is concerned, according to preliminary assessments, this pipeline is actually in a technically suitable condition," said Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak on state television. He offered to deliver gas to Europe through this pipeline. At the same time, he called for Russia to participate in the investigation into the sabotage, as did Kremlin spokesman Peskov.

TV appearance is intended to reassure Russians - Moscow does not want to give up areas liberated from Ukraine

On Russian television, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared confident despite military setbacks in Ukraine. The situation is expected to stabilize soon, Putin said. To this end, he corrected the decree on partial mobilization issued two weeks ago. The mobilization of some students - including those enrolled in private universities - as well as certain postgraduates should be suspended. Putin also stated that despite the current situation, Russia has great respect for the Ukrainian people.

The Kremlin stressed that Russia would not give up the areas last liberated by Ukrainian troops and would soon bring them back under its control. "They will always belong to Russia," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, according to the state agency TASS. He was referring to parts of areas that Russia had annexed in violation of international law, but which are still or are now back under the control of Ukrainian troops.

Ukraine: Russia uses combat drones to attack targets near Kyiv

Meanwhile, according to Ukrainian sources, the Russians attacked targets near Kyiv with kamikaze drones for the first time. The governor of the Kyiv region spoke of six impacts and explosions. Infrastructure was hit, one person was injured. During the night there had been air alerts in the capital and the surrounding area for more than three hours. According to the air force, a total of 12 Iranian drones have flown towards targets from the south. Iran had officially denied a delivery.

Chechen leader Kadyrov rises to the rank of colonel general

He is definitely in Putin's favour: Although things are not going well for Russia and Ramzan Kadyrov has massively criticized the Russian army, Putin has promoted the authoritarian ruler of Chechnya to colonel general. The decree on his appointment has already been published, and he is "incredibly grateful" to Putin for the "great appreciation," Kadyrov wrote on Telegram. Colonel-General is the third highest rank in the Russian Armed Forces, behind Marshal and Army General.

EU chief diplomat warns of nuclear escalation in Ukraine war

In view of Ukraine's successes on the battlefield, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell warned against Russia using nuclear weapons. The war has entered a new phase, in which a nuclear power is going backwards and there are threats that nuclear weapons will also be used, said the EU chief diplomat. You shouldn't close your eyes to that. "It's certainly a worrying scenario in which we have to show that our support for Ukraine doesn't waver," the Spaniard underlined. Czech President Milos Zeman also warned of the "serious risk" of a nuclear conflict. In his view, the West should warn the Kremlin that in such a case it would have to reckon not just with a diplomatic reaction, but with a "decisive military response": "With all the consequences that may have."

EU countries launch new sanctions package against Russia

The EU countries have meanwhile launched an eighth package of sanctions against Russia. Among other things, the permanent representatives of the member states approved the legal requirements for a price cap for oil imports from Russia supported by the G7 states. This was confirmed by diplomats in Brussels. The agreement still has to be confirmed by the capitals in the written procedure. This should be done by Thursday morning. Part of the basic agreement on the new sanctions are various export bans that affect certain key technologies for aviation. In addition, there should be an import ban for certain steel from Russia. EU citizens are also said to be banned from holding seats on the governing bodies of Russian state-owned companies.

Russian anti-war Ovzyannikova escaped from house arrest

Former Russian television editor Marina Ovsyannikova, known for her criticism of Russia's war against Ukraine, says she has since escaped from house arrest. The 44-year-old wrote this in the Telegram news service. According to earlier information, the house arrest had been scheduled until next Sunday. Ovsyannikova is on a wanted list. The detention is part of a criminal case in which she is charged with spreading alleged misinformation about the Russian armed forces.

NATO declares new battle group on eastern flank operational

The NATO battle group set up in Slovakia to better protect the eastern flank is ready for action. As the defense alliance announced on , the multinational combat force has shown in the recently completed exercise Strong Cohesion ("strong cohesion") that it can fulfill its tasks. This followed several months of preparation. Germany is also involved in the new battle group in Slovakia. According to its own statements, the Bundeswehr was present with around 550 soldiers in the EU state west of Ukraine after the end of September. The Czech Republic, the United States, Slovenia and the guest country Slovakia will also be there.

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