PP and PSOE come good climate to also renew the CGPJ and next week will resume the negotiations

The script rotation is total. The PSOE and the PP not only have a position to close agreements, but want to do it soon and in a climate of "trust". So muc

PP and PSOE come good climate to also renew the CGPJ and next week will resume the negotiations

The script rotation is total. The PSOE and the PP not only have a position to close agreements, but want to do it soon and in a climate of "trust". So much so that after committing to the renewal of the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman, the Court of Auditors and the Data Protection Agency, both parties already see even less difficult to unlock the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

The Secretary General of the Popular, Teodoro García Aegea, and the Minister of Presidency, Felix Bolaños, will meet again "on Monday or Tuesday" - depending on his agenda and based on personal reasons - according to sources from the Negotiation, to begin advocate candidates for appointments to be undertaken in the four agencies that are going to be renewed.

The PP has wanted to give a breath to Bolaños during the 40th Federal Congress of the PSOE, in which he is one of the leaders who are part of the framework. During these days, the communication will continue between both, by phone, the sources point. Cuca Gamarra, spokesman for the PP in the Congress of the Deputies, will also be in negotiation.

When they feel to agree on the names, next week, both negotiators will have a veto capacity for any proposal, as this newspaper advanced. "The names are not going to be a problem," the sources point, for a climate of mutual trust. The full number in which the institutional appointments will be voted between October 26 and 28.

In the PP we are pleased by the good result that Paul married strategy has been given and believe that there is now a "best climate" to also negotiate the CGPJ. "This creates a more propitious moment for the Council," they recognize in Genoa. "There is a way".

But, that yes, the married team continues to maintain its main demand intact: that the judges choose among them, at least, half of the 20 vocals of the leading power. That is, follow "the EU standard" that has been demanding the European Commissioner of Justice, Didier Reynders.

In the Moncloa they also see with less pessimism the future of the CGPJ. And they say that this negotiation, as was also on February, it is serious and believe that the door is open to a complete unlock, which includes the judicial dome. But they insist that this time we can do part of the equation, and that they must manage that now with the PP.

Genoa does not oppose that we can propose names, but that these are "politicized", as one of those who raised the purple in February, Victoria Rosell, a government delegate against gender violence. For the PP, the "depolitization" of justice is a red line.

There are two premises for the appointments that are going to be paid now: that they are "consensus" and "prestigious" profiles. This implies that the PP could accept, for example, a counselor of the Court of Accounts of welcome, provided that it is a person who seems independent to the PP.

It is the same thing that happened in the previous negotiations with Ignacio Espinosa, who is uncle of Minister Alberto Garzón, but he has no relation to we can and was president of the Superior Court of Justice of La Rioja. The name of it is not a shin for Genoa.

The Moncloa wants to keep the negotiation channel open waiting to see if with the passage of the dialogue the PP agrees to negotiate the CGPJ. Socialists are not going to give up now that thaw is "seriously", they say. And they think that if the Council has not been unlocked it is because it is the only body in which it comes into play directly, we can, with two seats, and this goes against the requirements of the PP.

At its third meeting, Bolaños and García Aegea will put on the table the names of the Constitutional Court. In the quinielas of both parties there are two names that resonate more than the rest: the Professor Enrique Arnaldo, confirmed as the first option of the PP, and that of Yolanda Gómez, director of the Center for Constitutional Studies, which earns whole as possible PSOE candidate .

The two names posed by the PSOE in February were Pablo Lucas Murillo -cattedrárica de Constitutional in Córdoba and close to Carmen Calvo, who loses options now- and Concha Escobar, professor of the UNED that was head of Advisory of the Foreign Ministry with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Another name in Liza for Socialists is that of Javier García Roca, Professor and Director of Constitutional in La Complutense.

For the Presidency of the Constitution, Magistrate Pedro José González-Trevijano is outlined, which has a lot of weight in the conservative sector. Ángel Sánchez Navarro, Professor of Constitutional of the Complutense University and Lawn of High Court, could be his Secretary General if he fruitioned the negotiation, assure TC sources.

After the constitutional, the PSOE and the PP will negotiate the names of the 12 new Court counseling counselors. And they will do it from scratch, since in February the issue was not treated (its mandate expired in July).

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 22:33

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