Assassination of opposition: Saturday mothers

Again, the Turkish authorities leave fathers, sons, husbands disappear.

Assassination of opposition: Saturday mothers
Again, Turkish authorities leave fars, sons, husbands disappear. August 25, 2018, 18:42 UhrEditiert on August 25 2018, 18:42 UhrDIE time No. 35/201876 comments

Read Turkish original here. The text has been edited easily for German version.

Singer Ahmet Kaya, who died in exile, sang in Nineties: "Two policemen flank me/my hands in handcuffs/mor, find Me". It was song of "disappeared" in police custody, song of all those who were picked up in white Renault combos. In nineties, Renault 12, marketed under name Toros in Turkey, was considered a "dissident hangman", especially in Kurdish cities. Civilian policemen abducted known opponents in se wagons. Soon after, ir bodies were found, bodies drawn from traces of brutal torture. Or you just never heard of m again.

Like Mors of Plaza del Mayo in Argentina, who were looking for children abducted by junta, re have been 1995 members of disappeared in Istanbul's Galatasaray Square. These are "Saturdays mors". They demand a tomb where y can pray, and that murderers of ir fars, sons, husbands are held accountable. Instead of fulfilling ir demands, y were banned, beaten and arrested against m. But y defended mselves and gared toger as a growing family on square, coming Saturday for 700.

Can Dündar

Is editor-in-chief of newly founded web portal Özgürüz in Germany. He writes for time a weekly column about crisis in Turkey.

Three years ago, Turkish prime minister said, "When we fall, re will be white Toros again." The ACP did not fall, "white Toros" were replaced by "black vans". Again, Turkey hears stories of abducted in broad daylight. In addition, dissidents are now abducted abroad, who n "disappear". Where re is no right, car models and colors change. Unfortunately, method of oppression is always same.

From Turkish by Sabine Adatepe

Change Note: In a previous version it was said that 700 meeting took place last Saturday, 25th of August is correct.

Date Of Update: 26 August 2018, 12:00

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