Collection movement: Enjoying your own privileges more stress-free

The left also criticize an alleged 34; Hypermoral 34; the middle and the elites. 34; get up 34; and his supporters copy right-wing populist speech patterns.

Collection movement: Enjoying your own privileges more stress-free
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    Morality seems to have a schlechtenRuf at moment. In political debates of our time, hardly anyone takes fürsich to represent morality; Rar, morality is what manseinem opponents accuse. The fact that so-called liberal elites in a HypermoralischenTaumel country in front of wall and defame any resistance against it as "evil" is part of standard rhetoric of right-wing populism. Dochauch bourgeois rights are increasingly felt by a allmächtigenMoralismus, even "Hypermoralismus", afflicted and dominated. The LinksliberaleMoralismus is alien, naïve, and poisons diegesellschaftlichen debates in its hysteria. And even in SPD, principle speaker and author NilsHeisterhagen A crusade against moralism and "postmodern Liberalism," which supposedly dominated social democracy so far.

    In this context, AuchLinke now discover critique of moralism. Two months before official launch of LinkenSammlungsbewegung up, two of ir leading heads, BerndStegemann and Sarah Wagonman, published a common text in time. Darinnahmen this to grain, what y consider to be an overborder moralism of established layers, that "complex of morals, interests and domination technique". They also criticized alleged double standards of so-called welcome culture. Their "absolute moral demand" for "borders offenfür all" must be opposed to a "left position".

    Standing up-Sahra wagon-keeper puts left collection movement in front of left-faction chairman Sahra wagon-servant has warned against a brutalization of company in Germany. She called for a new political turmoil. © Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images First comes devouring

    Anor prominent supporter of standing up, Wolfgang Streeck, wrote last week at time of "GutmenschlichenBessertuern", which toger with "' market forces, international organizations, technocratic know-alls ' by People ' passive Obedience for Ihrevon ' up ' to ' down ' require decisions to be made '. He warntdavor that se "moral überwältigungs attempts run risk of making Unmoralpopulär" – that is, to be responsible for rise of right. Of course, three authors spoke auchüber inequality and social marginalization as a breeding ground for right, but moralism of Gutbetuchten left-wing liberals seemed to m a ganzbesonders pressing concern. So what is to be kept of this leftist antimoralism? Is he not at best irresponsible at a time when Derliberale principles must be defended against a right regression?

    Against a left-wing critique of LiberalenMoralismus, a priori is nothing to object to, it only depends on how it argues in detail. Leftist moral critique aims to disturb dasgute conscience of powerful, it wants to challenge complacency derPrivilegierten. "First comes devouring, n comes DieMoral", this famous phrase from Brecht's three-penny opera does not want to apologize dasunmoralische behavior of poor and oppressed, he istvielmehr a reproach to mighty. They could only afford ir tugendhaftenPredigten because y benefited from a profoundly ungerechtenGesellschaftsordnung. "Your Lord, who teaches us how manbrav life/and sin and crime can avoid/first you have to give us something to eat/Then you can talk: it starts."

    Liberal Illusions

    Morality, IstBrechts pointe, has material prerequisites, and those who want to speak of Wirtschaftsordnungnicht should save mselves sermons. And this criticism remains of course relevant today. EinStatussymbol of current middle class is, for example, conscious, ethischeKonsum. On low-cost airlines and Primark, only those who like find can afford something better anyway. Above all, however, se small, private acts of virtue are only a drop in hot stone of global economic order. They are based on illusion that global exploitation and climate catastrophe can be combated by small gestures, without a plan for systemic change.

    The unpolitical, Privatistische Moralismusder middle class is committed and critical, but also serves and above all psychological side effect of relief of conscience. With this moralism, it can be said, exaggeratedly, to enjoy unjust conditions and own privileges a little more stress-free. Here, crux of left critique is Amliberalen moralism: that it must necessarily Ansprüchenscheitern to its own, because it is not prepared to seriously touch logic of capitalism and DieMachtverhältnisse in our society. A similar idea conceals sichhinter concept of "progressive neoliberalism" introduced by FeministischeTheoretikerin Nancy Fraser. She accuses Progressive Liberalenvor of being able to be enthusiastic about "recognition fights", that is, for feminism UndAntirassismus, but to accept Kampflosden neoliberal status quo in "distribution fights".

    Date Of Update: 09 September 2018, 12:00

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