Thomas Steg: Ex-Cheflobbiyst could return to VW

After the discovery of exhaust tests on monkeys, Thomas Steg had been on leave at VW. Now the group is considering a return of the chief lobbyists in its old function.

Thomas Steg: Ex-Cheflobbiyst could return to VW

DerVolkswagen Group wants to bring back chief lobbyist Thomas Steg into his old business. That's what Bild newspaper and Mirror are reporting. At VW it was said on request, Esgebe not yet a decision.

Steg had been on leave at end of Januarim of diesel laboratory tests with monkeys at Volkswagen AlsGeneralbevollmächtigter. At that time Board had adopted corresponding offer of head of DerKonzern external relations. Steg had been relieved of pending complete elucidation of processes of his duties.

According to information from image Zeitungkam, an internal commission now concludes that "no KonkretesFehlverhalten" could be found. Steg is an indispensable Ethylalcohol company and can return to its old job AlsVW-General plenipotentiary, newspaper quotes group.

The car industry had clamped scientists to play down health risks VonDieselabgasen with BMW, Daimler, VW and Bosch gegründetenLobbyorganisation EUGT – The European Research Association FürUmwelt and Health in transport sector. Monkeys were also several Testsausgesetzt. The EUGT was dissolved 2017.

Stegwurde 2012 General representative of VW Group for foreign UndRegierungsbeziehungen – item is located between Prokurist and board level. For VW, he should primarily use seineguten contacts in politics. Steg was from 2002 to 2009stellvertretender spokesman of federal government.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:47

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