Andrea Berg: A redhead from Krefeld makes a career

Pop star Andrea Berg (56) – trademark red hair and a lot of sex appeal in her performances – was on stage for the first time 30 years ago.

Andrea Berg: A redhead from Krefeld makes a career

Pop star Andrea Berg (56) – trademark red hair and a lot of sex appeal in her performances – was on stage for the first time 30 years ago. This is always a reason to celebrate, because hardly any other German artist has achieved as much as the native of Krefeld, who has long since moved the center of her life to the Sonnenhof in Aspach, Baden-Württemberg.

Andrea Cells, as she was born, has always taken care of people, their needs, worries and the really big feelings. Because before her music career, the trained medical assistant worked, among other things, in the oncological ward of a hospital. But even then, the cheerful Rhenish nature was attracted to the show and the stage. The daughter of a firefighter and a housewife made her first experiences at carnival as a dancing Funkenmariechen.

In 1992, at 1.68 meters, the not-so-tall person dared to take a step that was to set something big in motion: she sent a tape with her own vocal recordings to a producer. A little later her debut album "Du bist frei" (1992) was recorded and published, along with the tracks "Look in my face again" and "Kilimanjaro". Andrea Berg's breakthrough came with her second album "Feelings" (1995) and one of her greatest successes to date with the single release "Die feelings have confidentiality".

This was only topped by her "Best of" album, which the multi-award-winning artist released in 2001. There were gold and platinum awards for it. In addition, for a long time it was the album that stayed in the German and Austrian album charts for the longest time - only hit star Helene Fischer (38) caught up with her with her "Best of" in November 2019.

Andrea Berg only set the next record on Friday (5 August) with her new anniversary album "I'd do it again". As a new release, it landed at number one in the official German album charts. She has now succeeded in doing this bravura piece for the twelfth time and thus passed all other German singers and drew level with the international superstar Madonna (63).

Andrea Berg also found happiness in her private life many years ago. After a first marriage to her hit colleague Olaf Henning (54, "Cowboy und Indianer"), which only lasted from 2002 to 2004, she dared to step down the aisle again and married sports manager, hotelier and Sonnenhof co-founder Ulrich Ferber (62 ).

Berg's daughter Lena-Maria (24) comes from a previous relationship. Ferber, in turn, brought two sons into the marriage, one of whom, music manager Andreas Ferber (born 1983), has been in a relationship with pop singer Vanessa Mai (30) since 2013 and has also been married to her since 2017.

Hit star Andrea Berg celebrated her 30th stage anniversary a few days ago with a big open-air concert in her adopted home Aspach. The anniversary concert was recorded and will be broadcast on ZDF on Saturday (6 August) at 8:15 p.m. "Giovanni Zarrella presents: 30 years of Andrea Berg" promises lots of highlights for Schlager fans, including the duet premiere of Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai and numerous guests, friends and companions such as Beatrice Egli, Maite Kelly, DJ Ötzi, Kerstin Ott, DJ BoBo , Johnny Logan, Höhner, Nik P., Nino de Angelo, Semino Rossi, Al Bano Carrisi and Justin Jesso.

Giovanni Zarrella is happy about this show: "To be able to present this special anniversary of one of the most successful and likeable artists in this country is a real honor for me," he says. And further: "Andrea welcomed me warmly and with open arms to the world of hits from day one. I'm looking forward to being able to give something back to her in this way," said Zarrella.

And the jubilee apparently responds to the sympathy: "I would do it again." Andrea Berg then says about the anniversary performance: "I have fulfilled my fans and myself a big wish: a new album with many dear friends and a big summer night party at my house in Aspach. Together we leave these incredible 30 years on stage Reviewing and doing what I love to do most: music with friends for friends."

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