After the Queen's Death: Charles III. is king

The British monarchy has a new leader.

After the Queen's Death: Charles III. is king

The British monarchy has a new leader. Charles, 73, succeeds his mother to the throne. His wife Camilla is now allowed to use a new title - it was still a wish of Elizabeth II.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles is the new king. This is announced by Buckingham Palace. He is known as Charles III. govern. His wife Camilla now carries the title Queen consort - something like king's wife. Elizabeth II had expressed this wish, which was interpreted as a great honor.

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According to the palace, the new king and his wife will spend the evening at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the Queen died in the afternoon at the age of 96. Tomorrow both want to travel back to London, it was said. Charles will become head of state not only of Great Britain but also of more than a dozen other countries, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

With 73-year-old Charles at the head of the royal family, his son and grandson, Prince William, is the heir to the throne. Number two in line to the throne is now nine-year-old Prince George.

Nobody has waited as long for the throne as Charles. Polls used to say the Brits would prefer it if he gave his son William the throne. But seriously, that was never an option and the mood changed. This does not occur in the self-image of the Royals either. The British will sing "God Save The King" in the future.

The new king's first task is to preside over the nine-day memorial service for his mother. According to a report by The Guardian, after his proclamation he will first embark on a tour of the four parts of the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - before returning to London.

Not much is known about how Charles will serve in office. There is speculation that he wants to get more involved in politics - although that is not the plan in the British monarchy. In any case, the issue of climate change is very important to him. A modernization of the royal family should also be on his agenda. According to media reports, he wanted to reduce the number of active members. There was also speculation about a waiver of Buckingham Palace as a permanent residence.

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