Catholic Church: Pope Francis condemns abuse by clergy in Ireland

The PONTIFEX has described child abuse by clergy in Ireland as 34; heinous crime 34; That is not enough for the victims of abuse.

Catholic Church: Pope Francis condemns abuse by clergy in Ireland

Pope Francis has described child abuse by clergy in Ireland as a "heinous crime." The church's wrongdoing remains "a source of pain and shame for Catholic community," said Francis in Dublin. Francis ' two-day visit is first of a Catholic Church head in Ireland for almost 40 years. The official occasion is conclusion of World Family meeting in Dublin. The Pontifex also met eight victims of decade-long abuse.

Investigation reports had revealed that thousands of children had been abused in Catholic institutions. According to reports, deeds were systematically hushed up.

Francis said in Dublin that church authorities had failed to deal with scandal. He also warned against forgetting positive role of Church: "The Church in Ireland has played a role in past and present in promoting well-being of children, which must not be obscured."

Supporters of victims of abuse showed mselves disappointed in first reactions by words of pope. Colm O'Gorman, who was abused by a priest for years as a teenager, wrote on Twitter that pope had chance to acknowledge role of Vatican in abuse scandal. Instead, Francis ' speech would have focused on pain of Catholic community. "This is a great insult to all who are involved," O'Gorman wrote furr.

"We ask you to listen to victims and survivors"

Head of government Leo Varadkar called on Francis to use his influence to ensure "justice and truth" in abuse cases of Catholic Church in Ireland and worldwide. The words must be followed by deeds. "We ask you to listen to victims and survivors. We know you will. " At same time, he spoke of a "common history of suffering and shame", in which Irish state also played a inglorious role. The Irish state had funded Catholic institutions.

Many Irish are strictly Catholic, but country is changing. In May, a majority voted in favour of easing ban on abortion. In year 2014, Ireland was first country in world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular referendum.

Date Of Update: 26 August 2018, 12:00

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