Survey on the Ukraine war: Germans doubt the effect of oil sanctions

Most Germans believe that the Ukraine war will not be won militarily.

Survey on the Ukraine war: Germans doubt the effect of oil sanctions

Most Germans believe that the Ukraine war will not be won militarily. They still think it's right that Germany wants to supply heavy weapons in the fight against Russia. When it comes to upgrading the Bundeswehr, money is still a problem for many.

The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine has now lasted more than three months. How can the defenders hold out? Does Russia's President Vladimir Putin even bite his teeth at Kyiv and its western allies? In a survey by Forsa on behalf of RTL/ntv, German citizens see the situation differently.

For example, almost all respondents do not see the partial embargo on Russian oil decided by the European Union as decisive for the outcome of the war. By the end of the year, the EU member states want to stop two-thirds of Russian oil supplies to the confederation. But only 6 percent of people believe that this will make Putin back down, while 92 percent disagree. Everyone agrees, regardless of party preference or place of residence.

After much hesitation, the German government has agreed to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons such as self-propelled howitzers, anti-aircraft tanks and modern anti-aircraft missiles. A majority finds this step correct: 56 percent. 37 percent find it wrong. Opposite opinions exist between East and West. While 61 percent of respondents in the west are in favor, in the east 63 percent are against. Overall, supporters of almost all parties are clearly in favour. Only among respondents with an AfD preference are 86 percent opposed to the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

As in the past week, only around a quarter of those surveyed assume that the war in Ukraine can be won militarily. 23 percent believe in victory on the battlefield, 70 percent in an end with a diplomatic solution or after negotiations. Everyone is relatively in agreement, with a small exception being the supporters of the FDP. Of them, 34 percent believe in a possible military victory for Ukraine.

In order to arm itself against possible future dangers, the federal government announced a special fund for the Bundeswehr of 100 billion euros, which the Bundestag then made possible with votes from the opposition for a corresponding constitutional amendment. But 58 percent of Germans believe that this money will not be enough to adequately arm the Bundeswehr. Only 27 percent believe it, and 15 percent don't dare to make an assessment.

The supporters of the Greens are most likely to believe that the 100 billion euros will be enough: 39 percent. FDP supporters are particularly skeptical. 71 percent of them are of the opinion that the Bundeswehr's deficiencies are too great to be remedied with the special fund.

Opinions on the war in Ukraine were collected by the market and opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of RTL Germany on June 2nd and 3rd, 2022. Database: 1001 respondents. Statistical error tolerance: /- 3 percentage points.

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