Renewal? change? Departure?: Vettel is now negotiating with Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel is not having a good year in his Aston Martin.

Renewal? change? Departure?: Vettel is now negotiating with Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel is not having a good year in his Aston Martin. His Formula 1 team and the racing driver only have eleven races to go before the four-time world champion's contract expires. Vettel has now clearly ended speculation about the end of his career – but where it will continue is still unclear.

Sebastian Vettel does not see the time to end his Formula 1 career after this season. The four-time world champion, who has been waiting for a win since September 2019, has started talks with his employer Aston Martin. "I'm talking to the team and there is a clear intention to continue," said the 35-year-old ahead of the French Grand Prix at Le Castellet.

"I said that at some point the talks will start," added Vettel. That has now happened. There is no concrete result yet as to whether he will continue to drive for Aston Martin or decide to do something else. "We'll soon see where we stand," said Vettel before the twelfth round of the season near the Mediterranean coast.

Vettel's contract with the English carmaker Aston Martin expires at the end of the year, and there has recently been speculation about a possible end to the German's career. Media reports had also linked Vettel to a move to McLaren. "I know a few people there, but it's just rumours," said Vettel. Aston Martin around team boss Mick Krack had already emphasized that they would like to continue working with the 53-time Grand Prix winner.

The Heppenheimer has been driving for the racing team since last year, but finds himself far from the podium. He had originally switched to Ferrari in 2021 after six frustrating years to make another bid for the title. From 2010 to 2013 he won the world title four times in a Red Bull racing car. From the outset, however, Aston Martin was considered a medium- to long-term project to advance into the top group around Mercedes, Red Bull and now Ferrari again. So far it was enough for a podium finish, in the chaotic race in Azerbaijan last year.

Vettel said of his current situation: "We have an update that isn't working properly yet. We hope to get more answers this weekend." The goal is to become "more competitive in midfield," said the 14th overall in the World Cup. By just 15 points he is miles behind leader Max Verstappen (208) in the Red Bull at the halfway point in the season.

Within the team, the German dominates the duel with Lance Stroll, the son of racing team owner Lawrence Stroll, who has a meager three points. His replacement is considered unlikely due to personal ties, which is why in the event of a change at Aston Martin, the focus is usually on Vettel.

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