Marvin Kren: D ace to fight criminals, is professional risk

Marvin Kren has shot the German Success series 34; 4 blocks 34; For the research he spent a lot of time in the clan milieu. Really tough guys, he says in conversation.

Marvin Kren:  D ace to fight criminals, is professional risk
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    time: 4 blocks is one of most successful German series of all time. Why?

    Marvin Kren: When producer Quirin Berg was coming to me with idea of a series about Arab clans, she immediately fascinated me. Directly nebenuns, in Berlin or in Ruhrpott, se guys live with ir seltsamenEhrvorstellungen, ir great cars and ir macho exterior, and we denkenuns all: What kind of people are y? This is a society of which Ichüber Head has no idea, before which I have an extreme respect. It was extremely inspiring for me to get to know and experience ir lives. And that was certainly also most exciting for spectators. It isterstaunlich how many layers that were interesting.

    time: How does this work: to get into it?

    Horseradish: I was out of street with guys. Undhabe really spent a lot of time with those and asked many questions, Ihnenbeim life, watched at ir work.

    time: Why did y let you in re?

    Horseradish: These are asphalt cowboys who build ir own legends. The Erlebenselbst a lot of stories and mix it with fiction and with Vergleichenzu figures from famous mafia movies. They live ir own legends Unddenken mselves: Why is re no film about us? The urge to tell one's own story was extremely large. Also as a kind of correct position. Many of guys feel state's role in Verbrechershineingezwungen.

    Marvin Kren, 38, is an Austrian film director. He won German television prize and Grimme Prize for first season of 4-block series, which he directed. The second season of series, Diekürzlich was finished, he was responsible as a producer. © 2017 Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited Wiedemann Berg Television GmbH Co.

    time: How did you get to know se people over head?

    Horseradish: The first anchor was Kida Khodr Ramadan, DerHauptdarsteller, who is himself a Lebanese Kurd and comes from a großenFamilie. I had fallen in love with idea that I would give him role of VonToni Hamadi, absolute baba, family boss. And he knows a lot of Leute.Er gave me real key players, real Toni Hamadisvorgestellt. And n it went very quickly. It was important for me to learn from DemLeben of se people what ir motivation is, how y speak, how y behave, why y react like that. And that's why it was important to meet dieganzen guys.

    time: is series A concrete Familieangelehnt?

    Horseradish: No. Once, however, a member of a well-known large family from Neukölln called us and threatened: Warumwir to make a series about his family and not ask m for permission. Then our people told him that y are not only ArabischeGroßfamilie in Berlin. That's all done.

    time: How realistic is series Trotzdemgeworden?

    Horseradish: In first versions of screenwriters, EsSzenen, who focused heavily on American gangster films like Donnie Brasco, gave. It read Sichextrem American, and that didn't interest me. We Wolltenuns be inspired by reality. We wanted to be just as entertaining, to reach critics and at same time make a relevant series in which Wirdiese guys take seriously, who bring so many stories anyway. On or hand, of course, that also fiercely to get into such a Machismo world. The Wardurchaus a dark side of life that I met re.

    time: What's so dark about it? So far, hörtesich that all right?

    Horseradish: It is a very hard world that allows little feeling, which allows little weakness. Which also sees life very pessimistic. Manchedieser large families do not let women have large margins, re are manchevon those beinhart and see in ir wives only birth-machines. I, as a vonmeiner single mor-bred man, have been given quite different values.

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