Capitol Storm: Ex-Trump Insiders Call Man "Detached From Reality" After the Defeat

On Monday, June 13, a parliamentary committee presented a disturbing timeline showing how Donald Trump attempted to keep power after his defeat in 2020.

Capitol Storm: Ex-Trump Insiders Call Man "Detached From Reality" After the Defeat

On Monday, June 13, a parliamentary committee presented a disturbing timeline showing how Donald Trump attempted to keep power after his defeat in 2020. It included his Minister of Justice, several advisers, and even his daughter... The timeline outlined how Trump tried to maintain power despite repeated denials by his closest supporters.

"Even before the election Donald Trump had decided that regardless facts and truth, if he won the election, he'd claim it was rigged," stated Zoe Lofgren (an elected Democrat member) of this commission. To shed light on the role of the Republican billionaire in the attacks on the United States Congress by his support, on January 6, 2021.

In an evening response, the ex-president denounced a "travesty in justice" in a 12-page declaration. He also repeated his false allegations of fraud regarding the 2020 election.

"This comedy [...] aims to distract the public away from the truth [...], which is that millions of Americans came to Washington on January 6, 2021 in large numbers to hold their elected officials responsible for any clear signs of criminal activity. Donald Trump wrote this indictment despite overwhelming evidence to support the contrary.

After more than a year of investigation, the group of elected officials consisting of seven Democrats as well as two Republicans has now provided a detailed account of the maneuvers of former President between the night of the presidential election in November and the attack on the Capitol.

Just hours after the polls close on November 3, 2020, Joe Biden was tied with Donald Trump. In testimony released Monday by Commission, Ivanka Trump, Ivanka's daughter and former president's closest advisor, stated that "it was becoming evident that the election wouldn’t be decided that night".

Just before 2:30 AM, Donald Trump appeared on American television. He was speaking from the White House living room. He says that "truly, we won the election", despite the fact that the count is still ongoing.

Donald Trump's campaign manager Bill Stepien stated to the elected group that it was too soon to make such a decision.

He was one of few who encouraged the president to approach the evening. Rudy Giuliani was the president's personal attorney. According to one of his aides, he was "clearly drunk."

Joe Biden was declared winner on November 7, 2020 just before 11:11 a.m. Donald Trump's campaign manager also attended the meeting that day. Bill Stepien explains that we told him the odds of him winning at this point [...], and that there was only a chance that he would win.

Bill Stepien says that the president was "getting angrier and more angrier." The leader decides to switch his teams and surround himself with people who will support him in his crusade.

This new legal team held a confusing press conference on November 19. Sidney Powell is one of Donald Trump’s lawyers. He accuses Venezuela and Cuba of plotting an electoral conspiracy. Rudy Giuliani is at his side and denounces the "scandalous iron curtain" of censorship. A brown liquid, which is hair dye, drips down her temples under the heat of the spotlights.

Four days later, Attorney General Bill Barr visited the White House. In a Monday video, the minister stated that it was embarrassing. He claimed that the two men examined allegations of election fraud by Donald Trump on several occasions. The Minister of Justice, who will resign on December 14, considers "Nonsense" as a statement made by a man "detached form reality".

The commission stated that Donald Trump and his entourage would continue to spread "these lies" about electoral corruption to solicit donations over the next month. She revealed that her campaign team would raise $250 million between Election Day 2021 and January 6, 2021 by flooding her supporters with dozens upon dozens of emails per day.

"The big lie was also big scam," said Zoe Lofgren (an elected official who worked on the impeachments by Congress of three presidents: Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton... and Donald Trump.

The so-called January 6th Commission will present its findings from its year of investigation in four hearings. This puts Donald Trump at the center of "an attempted coup". American Minister of Justice Merrick Galrland, who promised to follow "all the hearings” of this commission, said Monday that he would hold all actors from January 6, 2021 accountable, regardless of their rank or position and whether they were present during the storming at the Capitol.

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