"Everyone is absolutely furious": is King Charles kicking out 100 employees?

King Charles III experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions after taking office.

"Everyone is absolutely furious": is King Charles kicking out 100 employees?

King Charles III experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions after taking office. On the one hand, hearts seem to go to him. On the other hand, if he reacts indignantly, he immediately gets it smeared on the royal bread and butter. And the news that he is planning layoffs also made headlines.

Dozens of Clarence House employees may be at risk of losing their jobs. So were employees of the new King Charles III. reportedly informed of her possible dismissal. At least that's what the British newspaper "The Guardian" reports in the midst of the monarch's turbulent first days in office.

The reason for the impending wave of layoffs is that the offices of Charles and Queen Camilla will move to Buckingham Palace after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. According to the Guardian, up to 100 employees in the new king's former residence have now received notification that they could lose their jobs. Among them are said to be some employees who have worked there for decades.

The letters about the possible job loss are said to have flown in during the service for the late Queen at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Monday. Private secretaries, financial experts, the communications team and housekeeping staff are said to be affected.

The possible dismissal is apparently unexpected for many employees. According to the report, numerous employees assumed that they would continue to work in the king's new office. An unnamed source told the Guardian: "Everyone is absolutely furious, including the private secretaries and the senior team. All staff have been working late into the night since Thursday to accommodate everything. People were visibly shaken by it ."

Final decisions on the layoffs are not expected to be made until after the Queen's state funeral, which is set to take place on Monday. Dismissed employees should also be supported in finding alternative employment in other royal households or other jobs. In addition, they are said to be getting a severance payment that is above the legal minimum.

As his residence, King Charles III. continue to use Clarence House for the time being. This was previously reported by the “Independent”. Current construction work at Buckingham Palace is not yet complete.

The London landmark is considered the main residence of the monarchy. Charles III has held a number of audiences there, including with Prime Minister Liz Truss and cabinet members. The £369m refurbishment program for the historic building will span ten years. Electrical, plumbing and heating installations are to be modernized.

The current king has lived in Clarence House since 2003. Charles and Camilla are said to have extensively renovated and redesigned the former house of Queen Mum, who died in 2002, according to their taste. Among other things, it features pieces from Charles's art collection.

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